BOOST East Conference Speakers

Meet our 2019 BOOST East Conference Speakers

It’s our privilege to present content to you from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts

Amber Smith

Amber lives in Huntersville, NC and is a new member of the Education team. With her prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, office administrator at a dance studio, and a Jackrabbit Support representative, she is able to relate to customers and efficiently find the solution they need. Amber enjoys traveling, especially to destinations with warm weather!

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Bethany Mahn


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Brandi Vickers.

Brandi is the Sales Director for the Midwest region for TutuTix. With almost three decades in the dance industry, she knows what truly happens in the dance studio and how hectic recital season can be. Her goal is to take away stress and anxiety and make sure every client has a great experience with TutuTix service. She is a group fitness instructor and dance teacher, and has three children, including two daughters who dance competitively at a dance studio in Birmingham, AL.


  • 一般会议 -TutuTix Demonstration
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Emily Smith



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Jan Nielsen.

Jan leads the Jackrabbit ePayments team and truly enjoys helping clients realize how beneficial ePayments can be to their organization. Jan currently lives in Maryland, but is looking forward to her move back to Washington state next year. She enjoys spending time with her family, Great Danes, and knitting.

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  • 一般会议 -Understanding ePayments: How They Can Help You Grow
  • 专家小组问答

Jorine Jones

Jorine lives in Charlotte, NC, and manages Jackrabbit’s customer-focused staff, as well as initiatives to improve customer experiences. Believe it or not, at 6’ 3”, Jorine is the shortest person in her family. Her teenaged son is the tallest at 6’ 9”!


  • 一般会议 -The First and Sometimes Hardest Rule for Great Customer Service
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Mark Mahoney.

Mark Loves跑他的软件业务,也喜欢Coin收集和旅行世界,拥有一生终生体验。他的桶名单上的下一个项目正在新西兰奥克兰湾的美国杯游艇。


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Melissa Keller

The only children she can claim are two lovely nieces and her 3 fur babies: Winnie, Bitty and Moo. Melissa loves to travel and is a crafty lady!


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Michelle Soutier

Michelle is the owner of Miller Street Dance Academy in Charlotte, NC. Founded in 1994, MSDA serves more than 2,500 students combined over 2 locations. Equally important to teaching dance technique, Michelle strives to instill life skills such as how to be part of a team and the importance of community service. In addition to being active in the studio week to week, Michelle was part of the 2018 I.D.E.A. conference faculty and serves as an active National Ambassador for Dancers Against Cancer.

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  • 一般会议 -创造一个更好的社区

Mike Carper

Mike’s passion is designing and developing software applications. In 2004, Mike met Mark for lunch and the rest is, as they say, history. Mike enjoys developing software (no, really!), running, golf, sailing on the lake, and spending time with his wife, Christy, and their two children.


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  • 发布会前研讨会 -Financial Wellness for Your Business
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Talina Bath



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Tami Colvin

Tami designs, develops, and delivers classroom, online, and onsite training and materials for Jackrabbit’s customers from her Winston-Salem, NC, office. Tami is an avid fan of theatre and music and loves spending time with family, being outdoors, and meeting new people.


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  • 一般会议 -Pro提示和最佳实践
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Tracy is a product management leader who is passionate about driving value for organizations through technology innovation. She enjoys traveling to exotic beach locations with her family, with St. John USVI as their favorite.


  • 一般会议 -产品评论(最近和即将到来的增强功能)
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Ty McDowell

In addition to being CEO, Ty is also a founding partner of Houston, Texas-based Mobile Inventor. Over his 20 years in the software industry, Ty has proved that creating software that is useful and engaging, can also help them increase revenue and enhance the level of service they provide.


  • 一般会议 -Mobile Inventor Demonstration
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