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Monthly billing based on the number of students in your database at the end of each month.

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We’re so confident you’ll love our class management software, that we offer the best guarantee in the business.

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Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

188. Bet. Com

Save time and costs by saying good-bye to paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours.

Billing and Payments

Customers can conveniently pay tuition and fees online. No more phone calls or late payments.


Our software maximizes the efficiency, function and performance of your front desk.

Skill Tracking

Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

Executive Dashboard

Change what’s possible with management tools that categorize and organize business data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly fee is based on total student count – Active & Inactive (Active = enrolled in at least 1 class; Inactive = not enrolled in any classes). No contracts. No start-up fees. No hidden costs. Free export of your data to take with you…if you ever cancel.

You are not charged based on the number of leads in your system. The Unlimited Lead File is an area within your Jackrabbit system where you can keep basic contact information for parents and students without increasing your Jackrabbit subscription feeLearn more.

Jackrabbit offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee plus two months of competitor fees to any online competitor to schools who complete a free Jumpstart call and one or more billing cycles. A Jumpstart coach will help you complete the Setup process quickly and configured to deliver the information you want. This service is part of our commitment to helping you maximize the value of our software. Call us at704-895-4034 x1014to request your money back guarantee.

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