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Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

“每一个担心我尝试后已经消失了e system out. That’s what is great about the free trial that Jackrabbit offers. It’s your data set up like you would really use it. After our ‘test,’ I knew that putting online registration in place for our school would be a game-changer for our operations. Regardless of where I am or what time registration opens, I know how enrollment is going from the alerts that I see in my Inbox. I don’t have to have to be immersed in the process to be in the know.”

John Kirk, Little Otter Swim School

“Having the functionality for a parent to look at the website or parent portal allows us to have more time with customers instead of entering data.”

Cindy Tonnesen, Swim Kids


Karen King, United States Swim Academy

“It’s made me so much better as an owner because I can see happening on a day-to-day basis.”

Anne Petersen, California Sports Center

“Having 9 different physical locations in four different cities, we were constantly on the road. In order to look at someone’s database, I had to drive to their site or ask for a backup. I haven’t found an issue yet that I was able to resolve, on the spot, using my access to other sites’ information. Now it’s all together and I think that is one of the reasons we’ve been able to grow like we have over the last few years.”

Customer Success Stories

Carrie Mendlow, Making Waves Swim

“Although we’re not new users, we still have our ‘A Ha’ moments with the software – just because of the nature of the system. It has helped us to systemize and standardize things as we’re planning to add more locations. We believe Jackrabbit will make this much easier.”

Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

“每一个担心我尝试后已经消失了e system out. That’s what is great about the free trial that Jackrabbit offers. It’s your data set up like you would really use it. After our ‘test,’ I knew that putting online registration in place for our school would be a game-changer for our operations.”

Martha Hocutt, Swim Mac Carolina

“Who Jackrabbit is is the glue that inspires me to stick with Jackrabbit. Being personable, responsive, and genuine is part of Jackrabbit DNA and that is exactly who Swim Mac Carolina is. Working from common values is important to us and means that we are partners in providing the best possible experience for our families.”

Rita Goldberg, British Swim School

“Thank goodness that Jackrabbit does what it does because we wouldn’t be able to offer a flexible work environment without it. Jackrabbit has also been able to grow along with us as the franchise model was adopted. It really is a huge advantage in the franchise situation.”

Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School


Catherine Oberle, Facility Manager, The Swim School


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Benefits of Online Registration for Your Swim School, Part 1

If you’ve read through thehow-to postsin our blog, you probably have a pretty good idea of what it will take to set up online registration for your swim school. But is it really worth re-learning how to perform this necessary task? Manual registration has probably been kind of a pain for you, but at least you know exactly what to expect. However, many small business owners and managers like you have found online registration an absolute game changer! If you’re not yet convinced it will be worth your while to switch, read on! We’re sure you’ll be convinced that implementingonline registrationwill be completely revolutionary for your swim school.

Benefit 1: Accuracy

我们希望您从实际的jackrabbit用户听到在线注册的帮助 - 从转向Pointe舞会的Jenn Buckton开始。她描述了她所观察到的巨大优势:“在线注册使过程成为一个和完成的事件。父母输入所有信息,所以他们的信息的完整性和准确性在他们的手中 - 不是在我们员工的手中。“

Another way that online registration aids in accuracy has to do with real-time updates. Since registrations automatically show up in the class lists, no one will need to worry about over-booked classes and trying to figure out which registrations were in first. Nor will you have to deal with the frustrations of parents who find out, days after registration has been closed, that their children didn’t make it into the classes they desired.


From a management perspective, online registration is a definite win because, well, there are fewer details to manage! This, of course, ties into one way that online registration will save you and your staff members time due to online registration simplifying the entire registration process. Imagine — no more need for color-coded forms or intricate checklists or filing systems. Instead of shuffling paperwork and attempting to correctly input information from hand-written forms coming in from a variety of directions, the process becomes streamlined — nevermind more environmentally conscious (you’re welcome, trees!).

Benefit 3: Time Savings

How much time are we talking about saving here? Certainly figuring out the online registration process and explaining it to staff members and your swim school parents will take some time, too. Well, one Jackrabbit user, Turning Pointe Dance Academy, actually tracked the amount of time their staff members saved. Before making the switch, staff members had to process registrations for 2 weeks, working 5 to 7 hours per day. Now, they report that the entire process takes only 2 hours! Thanks to automated processes, their staff now enjoys multiple weeks free from registration-related headaches, during which they can instead focus on other, more worthwhile tasks.

Another Jackrabbit user, Kelly Gaines of Charlotte Aquatics, reports that what was once “a 144-hour effort that consumed three employees’ time” was easily cut in half. In addition, “improvement in customer service and parental happiness during the registration process is phenomenal.”

What other benefits can you expect from switching to online registration? Continue reading with Part 2 below to find out.

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Benefits of Online Registration for Your Swim School, Part 2

准确性,简单性和时间节省 - 你可以使用的一些好处吗?特别是在管理游泳学校的登记过程方面,这些特征往往缺乏。但是,通过使用Jackrabbit的基于云的系统转换到在线注册,您的游泳学校可以体验这些优势 - 以及更多!

Benefit 4: Appreciation from Parents

我们引用的前3个福利,在上文第1部分,直接与您和您的员工相关联。您可能会在那些理想中销售,但请奇怪父母介意为您做工作!相信我们:他们根本不介意。事实上,已经将交换机从旧学校注册到杰克拉伯特的在线系统报告的多个jackrabbit用户,这不仅父母不抱怨 - 他们真的很欣赏它!一个巨大因素是,父母不再需要在他们已经忙碌的时间表中参加人们的注册。

In addition, many parents are used to doing business online anyway and expect to be able to do just about everything conveniently from their smart phones or other mobile devices. Today, we’re all used to instant gratification, too; we aren’t used to having to wait for anything. After entering contact and payment information, with a few clicks parents can have their children registered for swimming classes and then within seconds receive an automated e-mail confirmation.

Benefit 5: Additional Forms and Options

If you have updated policies or waivers that need to be signed or acknowledged, that used to mean extra paperwork — along with extra time and effort from parents as well as staff members. Now those additional forms can be readily integrated into the online registration process and easily tracked within Jackrabbit.

jackrabbit登记平台也足够强大,以允许unique situationssuch as online events and permission slips for teens, who might attend swim school classes or competitions without their parents. When it comes to processing payments,discounts and proratingcan be easily personalized to meet your swim school’s needs.

Benefit 6: Publicity and Professionalism


We do want to forewarn you, though: once you make the switch to Jackrabbit’s online registration system, you will never, ever want to go back to doing it the old way.

Learn more about ourSwim Class Management Software. View the强大的特色188金宝搏骗钱吗jackrabbit课程,尝试一个定制的Live演示.

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How Jackrabbit Class Management Software Can Help You Manage Your Swim School Staff

你的游泳学校为swimmin反映出你的激情g and your love for your students — that’s why you started it, right?! But perhaps like many swim school owners and managers, as your student list has grown, so has your administrative needs, such as managing your growing swim school staff. Jackrabbit Class Management Software can definitely help you more simply and professionally manage your staff. Not only will taking this step reduce the time and energy you need to spend on that aspect of managing your swim school, but it can also lead to higher enrollment and revenue. Two key ways that Jackrabbit software can help with staff management have to do with scheduling and communication.

Scheduling with Jackrabbit

We’re guessing that creating schedules is not something you get excited about. Of course, you know that your swim school requires you to take that important task seriously. So you ask staff members to let you know their availability and preferences and collect that information in various ways — from off-handed remarks you try to remember later and write down on a scrap of paper on your desk to text and e-mail messages. You try to compile them all together, all the while knowing that you’re bound to be missing something. Draft 1 goes out and comes back, requiring more shifting. There’s a good reason you don’t enjoy this task!

Well, Jackrabbit Class Management simplifies the process by allowing staff members to mark their availability and submit any scheduling requests through the staff portal. Now you can view all schedule-related information at once, as you plan ahead. Just a click of the mouse, and you can view previous schedules, enrollment information, and more, giving you access to everything you need to create your new swim school schedule. And once it’s created, all staff members will be able to see it in real time, allowing for a far more streamlined process. Once it’s ready, you can allow the new schedule to be accessible to swim school parents, too.

Communication with Jackrabbit


But when it comes to communication, Jackrabbit won’t just help with communication between management and staff; it will also allow for improved communication among staff members and between staff members and swim school parents. Not only is communicating through Jackrabbit easier to track, but it also helps ensure that everyone has updated contact information which can be accessible 24/7 from anywhere you or a staff member is located as long as you have internet access.

Learn more about ourSwim Class Management Software. View the强大的特色188金宝搏骗钱吗jackrabbit课程,尝试一个定制的Live演示.

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Your swim school requires you, as the director, to wear plenty of hats. One of those is that of supervising your staff. Of course, that task becomes especially burdensome when you have to deal with staffing changes. Having to hire new instructors — and dealing with the mayhem that can occur in the frustrating “mean time” — isn’t something you want to have to do more often than you absolutely need to. Typically, there are specific reasons that some employers deal with perpetually high turnover rates. If that issue is plaguing your swim school, the good news is that you can take steps to change it. One of those steps is to be intentional during the hiring process. Instead of hiring a new staff member quickly, it will pay off to take time to make sure you’ve found the right person for the position — and your swim school in general.


Of course, your swim school staff members need to have great swimming and teaching skills. But those aren’t the only characteristics you’re looking for in prospective new staff members, are they? (After all, they aren’t the only expectations you have for current staff members.) Just as important as those traits may be, character qualities and positive attitudes will also help determine the suitability of a candidate. You want to make sure that any individuals you allow to join your team have the same goals and priorities that you desire for your swim school.

To make sure you attract the kind of all-around quality candidates you desire to add to your team, make sure the job description you post is extremely specific — regarding both skill sets and soft skills like communication and reliability.

Screen Applicants Carefully


During the interview process, you could also include case studies or even role playing, allowing you to see your potential new employee doing what he or she does best. (Of course, if you intend for applicants to demonstrate swimming skills, you’ll want to make sure they know that ahead of time so they can come prepared.)

When you make sure that the individuals you add to your swim school staff will contribute to all your goals for the future, you’ll be making a wise choice that will positively impact your existing staff, your own sanity, and your swim school at large.

Learn more about ourSwim Class Management Software. View the强大的特色188金宝搏骗钱吗jackrabbit课程,尝试一个定制的Live演示.

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